Nike Basketball Socks

Black, Red, Blue, and white Nike BBall Socks One might assume that there is no real need to have an entire website dedicated to Nike basketball socks, but that is the danger of assuming… many times when we assume, we tend to make an ass(like the donkey) out of u and me; get it? Ass-u-me. Anyway, if you were one of the people who didn’t know that there is a large following of individuals out there that feel that basketball socks are just as important then any other accessory, then you are in the right place. If you are someone who feels that socks are socks, and it’s not really that big of a deal… then maybe by the time you leave this website you will have a different opinion.

Whatever your story is in this regard, please keep in mind that has been compiled by individuals from all over who felt it was necessary to put this online. NO ONE here works for, is paid by, or has a fixation for Nike basketball products(well maybe the last part isn’t so true, but the first two statements are definitely accurate). If you are a Nike representative reading this page and you have some concerns, please don’t hold back from using the contact page to express what is on your mind. For everyone else out there… sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride that you are about to be taken on when it comes to basketball socks made and produced by the one and only Nike brand.

A variety of Nike's different colored basketball socks

Types of Nike Basketball Socks:

There are different types of Nike basketball socks that people are wearing these days, some of them you may have seen and heard of, and others you probably haven’t. Here is a, not so detailed, list of the different basketball socks that are currently out there; and keep in mind that these are in no specific order of importance:

Nike Elite Socks – Probably one of the most popular, if not the most, pair of Nike socks currently on the market today that basketball players wear for reasons that I don’t think anyone can put their finger on. Some feel it is due to the fact that these socks come in so many different colors and styles, and can pretty much be worn without shoes simply for the stylish look that these socks were created with. Another factor that has contributed to the success and popularity of these particular elite Nike socks is the fact that there are signature designs being made for NBA superstars like Kevin Durant. That in itself will result in 1,000s of people buying them for the simple fact that his fans want to support everything he does, no matter how the socks might look or feel. Lastly, there are claims that the time and “testing” that went in to manufacturing these socks has resulted in basketball players loving the way they perform while wearing these socks.

Striped Nike Socks – There isn’t much to say about the striped sock that Nike has on the market, so much won’t be said. These socks are supported and loved by many largely due to their simplicity, affordable pricing(when compared to other socks made by this company), and amount of time they have been on the market. The fact that they are usually designed as a simple sock with no special features, outside of the softness and support they provide, basketball players and people alike seem to love that these socks aren’t advertised as coming with all the “bells and whistles”… they’re just a good pair of socks. But don’t get confused, there are some Nike striped socks out there that come in all types of wild color combinations and designs, but in most cases it is to the contrary.

Nike Dri Fit Socks – This is a sock that Nike likes to advertise and talk about however and whenever possible since there are some unique features that frankly, other companies out there cannot boast about. One of these features might seem obvious, due to the fact that the name “Dri Fit” would leave most people assuming that something about these socks must make them stay dry, and that is exactly the reason Nike game them this name. Apparently they have come up with a way to produce a fabric that wicks away sweat as they say; in other words the sock is able to absorb sweat and keep it off of your feet which can help an athlete focus on the basketball game instead of the feeling of wet socks. There are other elements that people love about these socks, but those will be covered at a later time.

Nike Crew Socks – Just like most other crew socks on the market by other companies, there isn’t anything too special about Nike’s version. Nike might say otherwise since they are aware of the time and quality control that goes into their products… and yes, no one here is debating that. What is meant is that these crew socks from Nike, like others, are loved because they are just normal socks usually coming in black or white without many “special effects”. One wearing these crew socks can expect a product that is snug and gives the support that any basketball player is looking for while trying to compete at a high level on the court.

Nike No Show Socks – The name for this sock pretty much says it all. Since this is one of those socks that uses less fabric than any other sock currently on the market, it makes it a bit tougher to have special uses and/or features that others have. However, that doesn’t detract from the support that many basketball players give this sock since many of them prefer to not have the feeling of cotton, or anything for that matter, around the area of their ankles and calves while playing. There are others who like these socks because they are so low that when wearing shoes that deserve the full attention of onlookers, this sock has the ability to stay down low without taking from the shine of whatever basketball show is being featured; cough… like a newly released pair of Air Jordans for example.

Nike Low Cut Socks – A little different than the no shows mentioned above, the low cut socks that Nike offers are cut right around the ankle so that they could pass for no show; although when looking hard enough or when the color of the sock isn’t the same as the shoe you can still get a peak at them. Many of the Nike low cuts come with additional padding and cushion around the areas of the heel and toes to give additional protection and support when playing basketball whether indoors or outdoors. These socks are usually fairly inexpensive and can be purchased in bulk often times in packs of 3, packs of 6, and sometimes packs of 12.

Nike Cushion Socks – These socks were designed with the mindset that the individual using them is planning on playing or practicing for some hours. What that means is that these cushion socks from Nike offer addition layers of support to protect the body. When doing the running and jumping associated with basketball, the wear and tear that affects the ankles, knees, hips and back can end up causing serious damage. To some it sounds crazy, but this little bit of additional support provided by means of these socks goes a very long way; try it before you doubt it.

Nike 2 Layer Socks – Offering a variety of new features, this sock in some ways stands out different than other similar products released by Nike. For those that struggle with pain and discomfort in the arch of their foot while playing basketball, these socks might be able to offer that additional compression and support needed. Along with that support, these socks provide the wearer with what Nike calls multi-density cushioning that is setup in a way to help reduce the friction and impact creating while balling. Whether all of these claims are true or not, that is for you to determine and find out for yourself since all of our feet our different and respond differently to different types of basketball sock and shoe combinations.

Conclusion about Basketball Socks Made By Nike:

An individual can find just about any and every kind of sock out there imaginable for the avid, amateur, pro, or recreational basketball player. Whatever your preference or style might be when it comes to wearing socks, there is probably a pair out there for you. Are Nike socks the cheapest on the market? No. Is the suggestion being made that they are the best on the market? No. What is being said however is that Nike, which shouldn’t surprise any of us, is trying to do everything they can as a company to make sure EVERY inch of the basketball sock market is being reached and taken care of so that anyone interested in buying a sock made by Nike will always walk away a happy customer.

A bit of advice that might be helpful… be careful where you buy your socks from because there are fakes and replicas out there on the market that can be purchased for a lot cheaper than you will find at your local Nike outlet or authorized Nike sock dealer. While in many cases these products look, feel, and even smell the same… there are differences that will only be noticeable when a player is on the court expecting the sock to do the same thing as an authentic pair; you’ve been warned.

If there is anyone out there that wants to share their views, opinions, or questions about any of Nike’s basketball socks that they have on the market, please use the contact page and it will be addressed within a timely manner here on the website. Enjoy!

A few dark colorways of different nike socks.