Nike Elite Breast Cancer Socks

It goes without saying how much of a tragedy it is that literally millions of women are affected by and diagnosed with breast cancer around the world. Many however express a tremendous amount of gratitude for the fact that literally millions of dollars goes into research to help not only prevent breast cancer, but to help women with this disease to get the care they both need and deserve. One of the ways that Nike is publicly showing their support of this cause is by raising awareness by way of the Elite Breast Cancer Socks that are currently for sale. While we don’t know if and how much of the revenue generated from the sale of these socks are actually going towards the research associated with breast cancer, at the very least these socks will serve as a visual reminder of this epidemic that affect so many women and their families worldwide.

There are some that take offense at the practice and idea of any company making profits off of “raising awareness” by way of selling products like this Nike breast cancer socks, but it really comes down to how you look at it. Let it be stated that is in no way advocating or defending what Nike chooses to do or not do in this regard. Instead the purpose is to share with everyone the facts that are readily available, and each person can form their own opinion.

When it comes to making a product off of selling a product intended to raise cancer awareness, one must consider a few things.

1) Consumers many times will contact a company asking them to make such products so they can wear them and be able to visually remind people of what is going on in the world around them.

2) Nike is going to make money selling socks regardless, that is proven by the fact that they have sold literally 10s of millions of pairs of socks over the years. With that being said, do they have the right to make a sock to raise awareness on the subject and to then donate a percentage of the proceeds to breast cancer research and prevention? Form your own opinion.

This is a subject that could be debated endlessly, but the purpose of this page is not to do that. Instead the idea was to show those, that have been looking and writing requests for such, what these socks look like and really what they are all about. If something was not mentioned, misrepresented, or misunderstood… as always, simply use to contact page and voice your concerns. Thank you, and remember to… Enjoy!